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About Us

Who We Are

Valerie Crochet Baby is the first developed by PT. Bintang Surya Blessindo.

We are working together with Indonesian woman by applying integrated business system to produce crochet for baby. We trained them how to make crochet for baby and standardize to improve the quality of product. We practice a fair trade to our crocheter.

End of 2015, Valerie Crochet Baby only in Social Media Marketing. Then we joined Pop Up Stand in many events and our social media customer came to visit us.
Start from in the middle of 2016, Valerie Crochet Baby focus on Online Marketing and we are developing by work together with other baby shop, baby spa, baby gift and etc.

Deliver crocet products to citizens of the world that are made of Indonesian premium yarn


  1. We explore and develop creativity of Indonesian Human Resource
  2. We produce innovative and quality product to meet the local and global market demands

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